The realisation of being a consultant is not necessarily that I know more or better, but rather that my role is to view things from an alternative perspective.

I prioritise the use of a systemic approach to consultancy and listen to you first and foremost. It’s likely that you will have already tried many different approaches and expended a great deal of energy in problem-solving. There can be multiple reasons for things to have been in a particular manner, and this should always be acknowledged. The experience you have gathered from your involvement makes you an integral part of any potential resolution. My primary aim as a consultant is to regard situations and aspects from an alternate viewpoint and develop a suitable alternative that can be implemented. The decision remains yours as to whether the alternatives I develop are suitable for you. To provide the best service to you, each consulting assignment is bespoke to you and your requirements. With this in mind, together we start with a detailed clarification and define the next steps.
The goal of my consultation is a calibration of IT processes as well as avoiding blurs through the transparency of both costs and performance. Further to this, my focus is on Digital Transition, Next Generation Workplace and the Cloud Infrastructure.
My work with business management focusses on the requirements of small-to-medium sized companies operating on an international level. Furthermore, I accompany my clients on their journey during growth phases as well as during any transformative processes.
At the core of my success is the development of international leadership through leadership consulting and the development of a multicultural leadership as a cornerstone of corporate culture.

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